Bridge Loans

ALTLOAN’s Bridge loans are short-term transitional financing for business purposes, such as borrowers managing their own improvements and/or deferred maintenance, stabilizing the property’s income, getting cash out for business and other transitional purposes.

Bridge Loans


    • 1st TD's to 80% LTV
    • 12, 18 to 24 Mo. Interest Only with Balloon Payment
    • Deferred Maintenance Allowed Up to $50,000
    • Investment/Non-Owner Occupied Only
    • No Ratio (No Stated Income or Employment)
    • 600 Minium FICO
    • $250,000 to $5,000,000
Bridge Loan Options

DEFERRED MAINTENANCE allowed up to $50,000 (Lessor of $50K or 2% if LTV > 75% and <= 80%, 4% if LTV > 70% and < 75%, or 6% of LTV <= 70%).

NO LEASE REQUIRED LTV reduced by 5% with no lease -or- if DSCR < 0.70% iwth lease. Property cannot be occupied while repairs are being made.

If deferred maintenance, 1.5X escrow hold-back required for cost-to-cure. Cost-to-cure used from appraisal and escrow hold-back released with one inspection by appraiser to confirm deferred maintenance repaired. Appraisals with < C4 condition must use Fix & Flip program.