ALTLOAN sources the best available capital for residential Non-QM loans with easy guidelines and competitive rates. All loans are underwritten in-house to ensure easy execution and fast closings for Mortgage Brokers. All Underwriters, Account Managers and Account Executives have 5+ years experience in the mortgage business with Non-QM experience. ALTLOAN's President, Blake Scheifele, has funded over $6B of non-agency wholesale mortgages and is leading the way for ALTLOAN to become the industry's top Non-QM lender.

Alternative Documentation

ALTLOAN provides Mortgage Brokers with many ways to help borrowers qualify for Non-QM loans, which include 1 Year Tax Returns, Bank Statements, Asset Depletion, 1099 Only, Investor No Ratio & DSCR and more.

Low Rates

ALTLOAN's Executives have been in the mortgage business 30+ years, which has enabled them to establish relationships with some of the largest Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds in the country that enables access inexpensive capital.

Transparent Process

ALTLOAN provides users with their own self-service portal, called ALTAPP™, to price scenarios, submit loans and conditions, monitor status and much more.