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Here's a 15 second teaser showing how mortgage brokers can launch their Jumbo & Non-QM business with a one minute prequal.
Watch this 11-minute tutorial to obtain one minute prequals for Jumbo and Non-QM loans with a step by step submission process.
Get a 1-Minute Prequal for Bank Statement Programs up to 90% LTV with killer pricing. Be like Dan..
Beating the Competition
There's a new sheriff in town offering 1-Minute Jumbo and Non-QM prequals and online submissions 24/7
Prequal with Benefits
Spend less time with our 1-Minute Jumbo and Non-QM Prequal and more time with friends. Killer pricing is one of many benefits.
Great Idea..1-Minute Prquals
Mortgage brokers can spend less time reading complicated rate sheets and guidelines and more time building stronger relationships with 1-Minute prequals for Jumbo and Non-QM.
Prequal Dance Party
Mortgage Brokers are dancing to the tunes of a 1-Minute Jumbo & Non-QM Prequal. No more complicated rate sheets and guidelines. More time spending with family, friends and clients.
Remove the Non-QM Complexity
Instant eligibility with killer pricing removes the complexity with Jumbo and Non-QM originations with 1-Minute Prequals.
Fed up with rate sheets?
Our pricing and eligibility engine offers 1-Minute prequals for Jumbo and Non-QM loans with killer pricing.